My back has bothered me for a couple of years. I would get adjustments, but I still had the pain. Until one day when I was at work, my lower back locked up, I could not move and was in extreme pains. I went to Dr. Kubecka and got adjusted it did not help enough. After getting a MRI, Dr. Kubecka explained to me and showed me my problems with the herniated disc in my lower back. He was very informative on my problems and treatment options. I felt relief after my first treatment. I finished the treatment in August 2007. My lower back is completely free, no longer my back locks. I have nor more back pain and now able to exercise without pain. I've lost 30 pounds and completed the Houston Marathon in January 2008 with no problems from my back. I highly recommend Dr. Kubecka's chiropractic/decompression program to anyone with disc problems. Thank you Dr. Kubecka.

Mark P.

I have had lower back pains since 1989 and neck pains with headaches since 1992. I have been going to chiropractors for conventional adjustments for years. In Jan 2008, I decided to try spinal decompression. I have had GREAT relief and no more headaches. Am able to do things I wasn't able to do before. It seems that the relief of pain is deminished and last longer periods. I am still doing the decompression/chiropractic maintenance, do not ye know the final results will be, but I do know I have gotten great results thus far. Very happy and would recommend it to anyone who is tired of pain.

Dan Y.

I had suffered with severe back and knee pains for many years. Dr. Kubecka stated I was a candidate for the chiropractic/decompression program and ever since then I can walk and do all my house work and gardening. I thank god that Dr. Kubecka convinced me to take the treatments. I have my life back.

Mercedes O.

When I started the spinal decompression/chiropractic program, I hardly could walk stairs, sit or stand for long periods of time. I took the treatments for 20 days, one year ago. Now I can walk, stand, sit and climb stairs. I have recommended the treatments to others who have back problems. My money was well spent.  Thank you Dr. Kubecka.

Charlene J.

My name is Shirley H and I would like to share you with my experience with Dr. Kubecka at the Texas Spine & Rehab Center in Ingleside, Tx.  I have had back problems for many years, however about three months ago; I came home from work and went straight to bed bc my pains was so intense I could not function any longer. I had been to a chiropractor in the past, but recently I came to know about Dr. Kubecka and the spinal decompression treatment that he uses in his office. My husband and I made an appointment with the doctor and Dr. Kubecka explained the procedures and methods he was now practicing successfully. It really sounded too good to be true, but I can honestly say that even after the very first treatment I was feeling much better.  I have now completed the prescribed treatment except for follow ups, and I can tell you results have been fantastic. Am I healed completely? No, because you can not undo years of neglect and mistreatment of your spine, but I have returned to work and am performing my assigned task better than before. On top of that, I can now pick up my 10 month old granddaughter and enjory her laughter and curiousity.. Thank you Dr. Kubecka

Shirley H.

In April 2009 I went to Dr. Kubecka's office with pain in my shoulder and my neck area. After x-rays, the doctor located a mis-aligned vertabrae at C6-7. Also I had an elivated blood pressure. After 11 treatments he has re-aligned each. I am now free of pain, and my BP is in normal range. I will use Dr. Kubecka for maintance in the furture. I also do not have the snap and popping noise in my neck area.

Charley C.

Someone once said to me "there are good chiropractors and then there are better chiropractors."  My spine history is a common one, so I won't bore you with particulars; pain started 20 years ago, got progressively worse and eventually even the chiropractic adjustments weren't working. MRI results showed a couple of bulging disc and spinal decompression became the literal life saver. By the time I consulted with Dr. Kubecka, I'd had two 20-pull series with additional pulls in between every few months. In case you're counting, that's several thousands of dollars, all out-of-the-pocket.... Over the years I consulted with over a half-dozen chiropractors, all quite skilled and good. But if was Dr.Kubecka who took a closer look. I am able to withstand walking 3 and 4 hours at a time when previously one hour of sitting, standing, walking, ect. required bed rest. I don't wake up with headaches every morning these days, my diagnosis of vertigo is "gone". That and more--because the vertebrae didn't sit correctly and other chiropractors missed it. Perhaps it is Dr. Kubecka's personal experience with back issues that provide the empetus to give his patients extra care. Perhaps it is his specific, unique training and his skilled capacity for its application. Perhaps it is his strong dedication and devotion to his profession. I don't know. But know I've now experienced the difference between a good chiropractor and a better one.

Sylvia W. 06/10

It was was real miracle for me. I was almost unable to even get out of bed. Today after my series of treatments, I am almost 100%. Decompression was a real life savor for me.


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